Construction Design and Management (CDM) Regs 2015

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CDM 2015, are the safety regulations which relate to construction, maintenance and refurbishment activities in the UK. They are now almost 4 years  old.

Within CDM
There are duties which need to be discharged by Clients (both domestic house owners and Commercial Organisation) and there are  are also several statutory appointments on the project. Our aim is to assist you in undertaking your duties successfully.
We provide the following services 

Principal Designer Adviser , In line with the APS guidance we will support the Principal Designer role with competent advice on design risk management. 

Project Safety Advisor, this role involves ensuring that the site meets the clients base requirements, and fulfils the client requirements of CDM. 

Principal Contractor /Contractor Safety Advisor  this role involves the support of the Principal Contractor or the contractor. We have helped a number of differernt size companies with CHAS accrdeditation and renewal. 

Duty Holders under CDM

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The client now has further responsibilities than before and this applies to domestic (work on your own home) as well as work on non domestic properties.

There are requirements for competent persons to be appointed to advise the client for project safety management arrangements and a duty to confirm these are being implemented, by the professional client side team and also the contractor. Vetting of contractors and designers for suitable skills, knowledge, experience, training and organisational capability needs to be in place. Additional the Client should establish a project brief at the commencement of the project.

Principal Designer 
A new role replaces the CDMc function. The HSE are adement that this role is different to the CDMc role , yet the duties are very similar, it is clear that this is coordinating role between the speciailst designers employed. Responsible for controlling the project safety risk during pre construction phase, assisting the client in producing the Pre Construction information (project safety plan.) Responsible for undertaking the compilation of the health and safety file during the project and also responsible for liaison with the appointed contractor over the construction phase plan.

Principal Contractor (PC)

Appointed where there is more than one badged contractor on site. This is a client appointment.

Contractor (C)
The term used to describe a single badged contractor on site

Duties of PC/ C 
To work with the Principal Designer and design team to minimise risk once in the tender stage through to construction. To produce a Construction Health and Safety Plan which details the approach to the set up of the project and how the main risks are to be dealt with. Sub designer information to be passed to the project Principal Designer. Ensure that the work is undertaken safely and comply with the construction site duties.

• We undertake an advisory or competent person role to Contractors and Principal Contractors. Including assistance with CHAS and other supply chain approval processes.

Appointed by the client – must not start work unless confirms that Client understands their duties. Will apply to all those who design or instruct for design elements of the project. May or may not be the Principal Designer, may or may not be based in the UK.