Fuller Safety Services

Vessel Sanitation Inspections

line drawing of a cruise shipWe provide consultancy services to Cruise ships to assist in their public health compliance strategy, whether for entry or cruising in Canadian or US waters, Brazil or in Europe. 

We have extensivce experience of auditing, training and troubleshooting hygiene standards 

Outbreak Prevention - Norovirus

Is the name of a virus which causes gastrointestinal illness to man. In the UK we have known this as "Winter Vomiting Bug" and over winter hospital wards and care homes are badly affected.. In the Cruise Industry and Hotel Industry it is a major source of concern and worry and in the worst case there can be  need to close the Hotel or empty the Ship to create an environment to disinfect and create a so called "fire break" 

We have experience of implementing preventative measures and crisis management with outbreaks of Norovirus on Ships, Hotels and Resorts across the world.

We would not wish the illnes to be encountered by any person, unfortuantley we too are affected when undertaking our roles but once you have suffered it is a lesson once not forgotten. We would stress that as far as we know norvirus does not grow on food, however food contaminated on the surface by particles and then consumed is likely to cause illness.

When on holiday it is important to avoid fresh fruit and vegetables which are unwashed, avoid ice, but do carry out regular washing of hands supplemented by hand sanitiser as these are essential precautions.

The source of the virus is man, the virus is spread by aerolization during sneeezing or vomiting, or by diarrohea. It can be spread by handshakes, or close personal contact. ( e.g. one person assisting some one who is unwell is likley to be unwell themselves several days later.)

The viral particles can remain active in the environment for 3+ days ( there are various figures quoted) but the reality is that if you walk into an environment that has not been cleaned correctly then you may inhale airborne particles only 20 norvirus partilces are required for an infection an 2 days later you too are ill.

Work undertaken by the Health and Safety Laboartory (HSL) has shown that the spread of particles from vomitius can be upto 3m, we can not stress the importance of isolation, containment and disinfection, of infected areas.

Figures sourced from wikepeida shows that 267million people re affected and an estimated 200,000 deaths occur each year ( deaths associated with those who are young, or infirm or immuno compromised.

We have acted as experts in the control of the infection in Resort. We have also acted as Expert Witnesses in the UK court system to provide independent advice to the Civil Courts on systems of operation of Hotels and Cruise Ship companies in civil claims. This has involved our consultants travelling overseas to perform site visits.

We participate in Norovirus Management plans with our clients, and undertake crisis support as required. 

We do not provide advice to member of the public please see the NHS and CDC (US) websites which contain relevant and good information.

However if you are a business or solicitors practice then please contact us

Other Outbreaks

Food Poisioing and Ford Borne Infections are two other types of outbreaks linked to public health

Legionella / Cryptosporidia

Are both water borne infections. We can provide assessments and resources for management plans and investigations. We can alos provide monitoring visits and sampling services. 

We have experience in both landbased and ship based plans.